Accounts Assistant

Arlina Murra

About Arlina

Arlina has previously lived in 4 different countries and has picked up her love of food from her 16-year residency in Italy – spending weekends by the beach and indulging in scrumptious classic Italian food.

Arlina moved to London 3 years ago to follow her career path in finance, where she has since met many amazing people. Others will describe Arlina as being a bubbly ball of energy who is lovely to be around.

In her spare time Arlina loves to attended Zumba & yoga classes as well as taking long walks in the fresh air, she says this is the best way to start her day on a positive note. From her love of travel and delving deeper into other cultures she has picked up amazing life experience and is excited to carry on her journey and provide accounting support to the Sunseeker London Group.

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